Ein Zitat.

„I don’t know that I’ve ever found the perfect bookstore, but I have one in my head, the kind of place where you browse for hours. You stumble upon a book you never would have known to search for online, and it ends up becoming your new favorite book and favorite author. You sit in  a cozy nook and read for a while until you know you have to take it home, but you can’t wait to read more, so you buy the book and then get a cup of coffee and read even more, still sitting in the store.“

„And outside it’s raining, so it’s the perfect day to spend the whole afternoon in a bookstore,“ I said wistfully. I’d had the same fantasy before i actually went to work in a bookstore.

He turned to me. „How did you know about the rain?“

„It’s always raining when I imagine myself in a bookstore. Unless it’s near Christmas. Then it’s snowing.“

„Maybe I should add weather control to my business plan,“ he said. „If I could make it rain or snow on cue, I might get a lot more customers.“

Kiss and Spell von Shanna Swendson, Seite 49. Ich möchte jetzt auch so einen Buchladen zum drin rumhocken.


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